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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Orange Tiger Nursery

Are you someone who likes surprises? While I am all for the exciting, hidden birthday party, fabulous present or romantic pack-a-bag-and-meet-me-at-the-airport (Ha! when did that last happen with 4 children?) kind of surprise, when it came to 'finding out' the sex of our babies, it was one surprise I didn't want to wait for. 
I wanted to know... immediately. 

Knowing your baby's sex helps immensely...you can throw away one half of the naming book, book your wee one into ballet or rugby pre-birth and you know immediately which pair of socks to pick up and hold against your ever-growing bump... the pink or the blue? On the other hand, surprises are awesome and I can't imagine anyone getting to the end of their 9 months and saying 'oh, we should have found out...." I think not. 

Whatever you decided (or don't decide) to do, one of the biggest jobs of the pre-baby period is decorating the nursery. A milestone moment in every couples pregnancy journey, it is also an issue that can be fraught with danger (seriously, ikea flat packing has a lot to answer for... raging hormones, screw drivers and self assemble furniture just do not mix) and not knowing what colour to paint the walls can only add to the growing tension!

One way around this dilemma is to look for inspiration outside the norm. Just take a look at this fabulous nursery by designer Johann who created this space for his soon to be born baby. As a designer, Johann wanted something fresh, unique and fun so using the Chinese calendar and the year of his babys' impending birth, he created this tiger inspired space for his nursery. Unsurprisingly, his choice of colour and original style has created a fantastic space; the bright orange is fabulous! Gender neutral, yes but boring definitely not!! 
Love,  love the framed print...every nursery needs one, Don't you think?

I am in love with the mirror..beautiful but not girly.
The alphabet photo frame is stunning... might need to do that for my boys!

Congratulations to Johann for the creation of this stunning space and of course on the birth of his son/daughter!!

Have a lovely weekend


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