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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Welcome to Bolly & Bear

Hi All,
I have been considering starting my blog for some time now... but always seemed to find something that was A) more pressing... B) easier...! Time has seemed to somehow fly by and it is now 6 months since I decided to launch my own line and store, Bolly & Bear. When I first considered starting my own line of children bedding and accessories, I was confident in my creative ability and my business sense. Well, six months later, and many lessons learnt, I am more aware of the humungous effort involved in any business - online or otherwise. For every new idea or creative thought, there are always 5, or 50, things to do to bring that idea to fruition. So what has happened in the last 6 months? So much!! From creating a website to sourcing fabric and finding manufacturers, all the hard work of the last 6 months is finally beginning to come together... I am happy to say that my photography session is booked for September 7 and the count down to launching Bolly & Bear online is now on.