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Friday, April 1, 2011

Where did all that time go?....

So... my last post was early December.... its now the first day of April. Ahem. Can I just remind you that I have 4 children.... including (now) 18 month old twins... and a business... and an eight year old and a teenage daughter and...and...well. There is no excuse. I know. Sigh.

I haven't blogged for the last few months simply because I have been busy with life. Juggling toddlers, children, partner and  a business and all the other little things that life throws up at you gave me very little time for blogging..(or anything else actually). So here's the quick catch up. Christmas was lovely - lots of pressies, family time and eating. Come January, things weren't so rosy... Brisbane (my home) had terrible floods that were traumatic, life ending, heartbreaking and incredibly distressing.  I and my children were stranded away from our home for a week, stuck in a tent, away from our loved ones, watching via television and iphone as my city was swallowed by a raging torrent of water and sludge.  The level of bravery and human solidarity that was displayed during and after the flood was the only thing that made it bearable. Enough said.  February passed in the blink of an eye and I do believe that march officially ended yesterday....

So, now you know the personal update... here's a little bit more about how things are going with Bolly & Bear.  The last few months have been an incredible learning experience and I can honestly I am having the time of my life. Who could have thought bedding and cushions could be soooo much FUN.  While I am a lover of all things comfy and pretty from way back... the actual thought of designing and making my own range never occurred to me until the boys were born. I am happy to say that I have now accepted stockists for my brand - so I am now a bona fide wholesale/retail business. Yah! I feel very chuffed and incredibly lucky to have managed to get my little business to the point where other people believe in my brand. (Again..yah!!)


Anyway. I have committed to blogging once a week. So I will  keep to that promise. Next week I will feature a gorgeous nursery that was done by an interior designer for her own baby... You would think that it would be highly expensive and all designer but the look is definately doable, gorgeous and oh-so budget friendly - and we love that!

Speak soon.