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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Melbourne...The perfect weekend.

I am going to start this post by saying how just much I love my home city of Brisbane.

Really, what's not to love? The sunshine. The gorgeous temperature (Well, in autumn, winter and spring... lets just ignore the sweltering summer heat for this post, agreed?). The friendly, have a chat with you anywhere, people.  The numerous parks, picnic spots and 'just down the road' beaches. The oh-so-laid-back lifestyle. Brisbane really is a lovely city and it's especially hard to beat for people who are at the 'let's have kids' or 'already have kids' stage of their lives... Which I am. Firmly. And have been for the last 13 and a half years.  So now that I have got that out of the way....

Oh my Lord, did I love my weekend in Melbourne!
If we forget the almost 2 hour delay and unplanned detour to Avalon airport on the way down (Thank you again, Jetstar ) and the stress of having to lug, by myself,  45 kilos of baby bedding in flimsy canvas bags, it was truly a dream weekend.

After arriving in a somewhat disheveled state at the hotel,  I proceeded to have my first uninterrupted sleep in over two years. Now, I do realise that my twins aren't 2 years old as yet but as any twin mum can probably tell you, regular sleep while pregnant with twins is something that you can only day dream about.  Sporadically.  It's more correct to say that you lapse in and out of exhaustion while your beloved babies play chasey in your ever expanding middle region... not fun.

Anyway, I digress.  After awaking from my first decent sleep in a really long time, I rolled over to check the clock. It was 8am. Oh the Bliss. The rapture. We had slept in. I lay in my hotel bed for about 15 minutes just luxuriating in my 'aloneness' (well apart from my partner, Kal, who was sleeping beside me). Then I got bored and woke Kal up. :)

After showering (no little knocks on the door or "mum where is my...") I headed down to the buffet breakfast and proceeded to eat my way though far too much bacon and eggs....  I won't bore you with all the details but I then spent a most lovely morning in what can only be desribed as a shopping frenzy in my now favourite place on earth...Zara. (Note to self, when planning on visiting Zara next time, do not eat my way though large amounts of bacon and eggs at the buffet in the morning... ahem). I spent  the rest of the day and into the night strolling through the gallery and museum.. with intermittent stops in small cafes, to die for chocolate shops and finally, a rather gorgeous italian restaurant for dinner.


The next day was an early start at Mathildas Market in Hawthorne. The morning flew by and our sweetsheets cot sheet range  were just  flying off the shelves.  I had such a great time and was inundated with custom orders (hence why its taken me two weeks to post this blog!). Happy to say that I am coming back in November for the christmas market and I am very, very much looking forward to it!


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