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Monday, August 8, 2011

Nursery Inspirations...A Super Storage idea...

Things. Stuff.  Possessions. Bits & Pieces. Junk. Call it what you will, when you have a baby - you end up with lots of it!
From blankets and bibs, teddies and toys, creams and wipes, lotions and potions, the list of 'essential' items for your baby that you will buy and then end up living with, really is quite amazing. Even if you are being penny-pinchingly frugal with all your purchasing, you will somehow end up with a rather large assortment of 'must have' bits and pieces that all require a new place to live..  

Ladies and gentlemen... I give you the answer...... Meet the 'expedit'... your new best-est friend (after baby panadol, disposable nappies,  sauvignon blanc and a good breast pump).
Expedit from Ikea. Almost as useful as a good breast pump. (Almost)

Now, I can hear you saying. 'Ummmm... really?' and Yes, I know that at first glances this plain white, rather dull looking rectangle doesn't make your inner design loving goddess say 'wow' but have a little faith.  These expedits are incredibly versatile, make fantastic storage units and best of all, wont break the bank, thus leaving you with a little more cash to buy the "oh-so-gorgeous-must-buy-it-now' items that  go in it (like beautiful linen and cushions!).  So, for a little storage inspiration, have a look at the following... then tell me you don't just love it.

Oh so pretty expedit. The framed fabric looks lovely as well.

Classic contemporary  expedit.

Colorful expedit - love the yellow curtains.

Extra Large expedit

Half size expedit

Single strip expedit - add some cushions for an instant window seat.

So..... are you convinced yet?  I know I am! (Really.. I have one in the boys room, one in the play room and a huge one in the B&B office).
For simple, good looking storage, keep them in mind when your setting up your nursery. 

Till next time...


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