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Friday, December 3, 2010

Gorgeous Green..

Sorry for the dead space these last few weeks... I have been a little snowed under with  our first mathildas market (which was oh-so-fantstic!) and a lovely run of new orders, new customers and wholesale enquiries... all of this I was dealing with rather delightedly, until a dreaded lurgy struck down my daughter, Miss Ell-bell. A rampant and nasty Golden Staph infection had me (and her, poor little mite) in rather  a bother... Fast forward several weeks and lot of rather strong antibiotics, several trips to the doctor and (this was the worst bit) lots of tears later, she is on the mend...and I am catching up with all my much neglected bits and pieces... so, thanks for your patience! 

So in the last few weeks or so, I have begun to develop an obsession for all things green. Before you break out the hemp bags and even think about burning incense, let me clarify that no, I am not turning all tree huggy and eco friendly (although if you are, I applaud you loudly) but I am referring to the actual colour, green.

For the last few years my home has been dominated by neutrals and warm browns - which was lovely when we lived in a house with soft white walls and dark floorboards. But since we moved to our new home (which has cream walls  and dark cream skirting boards) I have begun to feel...well...a little beige... and not just in colour. Everything feels sort of a bit blah... its not bad, per-sae,  its just, well, boring. 

So once again, I hit the internet to get some inspiration before I start smiling ever so sweetly at my unsuspecting partner... (actually, I think he is on to me but we both pretend that he doesnt know exactly what I am up to... its a win-win really...I get some retail therapy and he gets my 'trying ever so hard to impress' gourmet cooking and foot rubs...) But I digress....

I found the following rooms on a  fantastic pictorial blog and in the next week will try and break one down (budget style!) like my last perfect playroom post. 

I want this kitchen. You could just keep changing the stool cushions and
playing with the details to create endless looks...

So much for 'blue and green should not be seen - gorgeous blanket box!

I want my front door to look like this.

The bamboo blinds add  texture and interest...they really ground the room.

Wow. Not sure I could pull this off but it looks fabulous...

Love the palm frond cushion. Its tropical, laid back and  beachy without a spec of blue .

If anyone knows where I can get dining chairs like this - let me know!!

What more is there to say? LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!!

Who said green isn't a classy colour?

So there you have it. Gorgeous green. Beautiful and incredibly versatile... In the next week I will spend hours on the net trying to break down one of these rooms for you (ahem...actually, more for me but you also benefit from my decorating addiction!) If you have a preference for which room, feel free to drop me a line and let me know.

Hope you have a fabulous week.


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  1. I love the wallpaper in that last photo. I'm actually getting it in silver for my new bedroom (that has yet to be built): http://www.cole-and-son.com/search_results_name.asp?productname=malabar&form=4&image=submit I first saw it at Tigerlily hotel in Edinburgh and it was absolutely amazing!