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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Perfect Playroom - Cheap thrills.

In the last two weeks or so, I have been coming to the growing realisation that the dining room in our house could possibly be better used for...well..dining...and maybe not so much for sewing and cutting. 

It's not that the room doesn't do a wonderful job...Its just that both myself and my (ever so patient!) partner are growing rather tired of eating from our laps while my material takes pride of place on top of our dining table.  My two primary school ages daughters have nowhere but the floor or kitchen bench to do their homework (insert eye-rolling and despairing sighs of exasperation as only pre teen girls can do) and the twins are...well... lets just say that pins, sharp scissors and two curious 13 month olds do not make a happy mix. 

Luckily, our house is the quintessential brick 'upstairs/downstairs' with internal stairs. Until now the majority of our living has been confined to upstairs with 'downstairs' being used for storage but not for long. I am taking the downstairs over and converting it to a multi-functional room. Half kids playroom, half Bolly & Bear office/workroom.... Cue internet search for fabulous decorating and design ideas....

Upon scouring the internet for inspiration I came across this space.....  Isn't this the most beautiful play room? 

Don't you just think it would be perfect in your own home? Ah..hello..YES! I soooo know the feeling! I too, stopped, jaw dropping onto the key board  and wished my downstairs area looked like this. Ha! I thought...but then I started looking at the styling of the room, not just the  overall image and guess what, my friends, good news! This gorgeous and totally affordable room is more achievable than it looks. Honest!

Okay so let's start with what you might not have in your space (and if you do, well, lucky for you and I am so-not-talking-to you-anymore!) beautiful hardwood floors, 8" skirting boards, gorgeous double hung windows and of course that arched window seat. But putting aside those small (ahem!) architectural details, the styling of the room is perfection and yes, definitely achievable. 

Would you believe you can most of these items from Ikea? Allow me to demonstrate....

rug is not the exact same as the photo, but a very close second and you can't beat the price. I would put two side by side to make it a focal point in the room.

Moving onto the over stuffed, comfy arm chairs and matching ottoman...

This style is a great classic shape and it comes in LOTS of colours (so pick one to match the rug).......
then add the storage with these shelving units on their side

plus these ikea staples for kids.....

and then add your baskets and frames

So there you have it!

I would suggest finding some gorgeous prints or cards to fill the frames and making a few scatter cushions in your favourite apple green fabric....
or you could pick these ones up from (yes..you guessed it) ikea!! 

Now if you add some green fabric roman blinds (super easy..will add a link in my next post) and a matching lampshade, you have an almost perfect replication of that gorgeous space.... 

I know where I am off to this weekend..actually...Mathildas Market is this saturday so you will find me there on Saturday and at ikea on Sunday!

Have a great week.



  1. Hi Marianne,

    Love the photo of the kids room above...
    I also am in a two story brick house, and yes downstairs is very taken over by fabric, pins, scissors etc. oh not to mention the laundry come folding come play area:)

    I just read your comment at my blog, it is a small world, can't believe you know the Story Tree. How did the Mathilda's Markets go? So wanted to get there to meet you, see your gorgeous shop and all the rest....but as you already must know, it hurts to stand and be active for too long...Instead I did some sewing and lying in bed!
    How many weeks were you when the twins were delivered? I'm 28 weeks and over it:/ I'm mentally trying to prepare for the following 9 weeks before my booked c-section on the 11/1/2011. I must get your email. Mine is ajrich@live.com.au xoxAmanda

  2. Oh Hi Marianne, so lovely to 'meet' you, I'm glad you started a blog, it really is looking so very sweet, you have made a fab start:) I'm sure you will find blogging a fulfilling creative outlet and a wonderful way to connect with like minded mummy bloggers all over the world. I followed your blog (yay) so I won't miss a post - you can find me @ http://louandjane.blogspot.com/ Wishing you all the best, Jane :)